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Shop & Workshop Address

2/12 Anvil Road
Hibiscus coast 0932
New Zealand


Phone / Fax

+64 (9) 442 5479

Shop sales and workshop

Murray Johnson or Kane Richardson

Office enquiries

Lauren richardson


Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm
Sat 9pm - Noon (by appointment only)
If you are travelling far then contact us first.

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We prefer to speak directly to our customers to determine exactly what they want /need for their particular situation, so there is no order form or price list. When we know what you wish to achieve - speed, reliability, race, road etc. and what has already been done, recent work by other people, any modifications to the car, we can tailor advice to an individual job as well as we possibly can.

When considering Weber Specialties as your supplier or repairer...

  • We guarantee our work because we believe we produce the best available.
  • We take pride in knowing that our advice, which is free, is probably the best available anywhere.
  • Our estimates are as accurate as we can possibly be without charging for fully dismantling the carburettor.
    We will not exceed this without permission.
  • Please note we have a non-return policy unless otherwise arranged prior to invoicing.

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